"IoT Consultancy with a 360 view"


Let’s be clear, IoT is not a technical push. However it is technology rich and the devil is often in the details!
In principle there have been connected objects and solutions on the market for a long time.
It should be simple: machines communicate with servers, servers communicate with machines! But connected objects also bring a certain number of challenges with them. They often have no human interface, are mostly installed remotely and for the long term. There is no possibility to press a reset button if it doesn’t work!
Also there are nearly as many objects as potential IoT solutions, so the question is how to deal with this diversity?

    It is important to:

  • Know how to start with your technical IoT implementation.
  • Understand what the common pitfalls and risks are and how to mitigate them.
  • Make sure that the connectivity part remains stable.
  • Be able to manage the solution on the long term.
“Fear of technical failure prevents implementation of new technology required for competitive advantage.”

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