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Security and regulations are usually challenging topics for organizations designing or adopting IoT solutions.
On one side those companies understand that security and regulations are critical aspects of their IT or IoT solutions and that they “should do something about it”, as any security or regulations breach could damage their company in no time.
But on the other side they feel astounded in front of those challenges:
  • How should I start as a company with no expertise in that field?
  • What are the first steps?

“Security risks are big with the IoT, especially the impact. Stealing my email is bad but playing with my life is worse. With the Internet of Things the security risk now becomes physical, it is going to impact our physical life. Security and safety are interconnected with each other. Bad security can result in safety issues.
Consider for example a BMW car and a Google car. BMW has a long history in the design of safe cars. Google is an internet company, so they probably have a good knowledge in digital security.
The traditional car might score better in a collision test, but if its digital security gets hacked this could also result in safety risks.
Safety versus security dilemma: which car to choose?”

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