"IoT Consultancy with a 360 view"


Companies and executives starting their IoT journey are left with lots of questions and challenges:
  • What are the business opportunities for those new connected services?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Do I need new types of knowledge and people?
  • Should our company design those smart objects and solutions itself?
  • How do I monetize IoT? Will IoT bring me extra costs?
In a nutshell all those questions can be summarized in one:
What impact will IoT have on my business model?

Connecting your products will not only impact your key proposition, but also your resources, your partners, your customer channels or even your cost structures and revenue streams.
It will bring you opportunities to sell services in addition to products.
“The more important is the awareness that it’s a dynamic business case so you need to be always looking to the next level and the complexity.”

Forgotten IoT business case killer

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