"IoT Consultancy with a 360 view"

Stage 1 – BENEFITS

IOT: What is it?

The internet as we know it, defined as an interconnection of worldwide networks or a net of nets, started in the early 80’s. This was what you could call “Internet 1.0”.
We also know as end-users that the most interesting part of this network is not the infrastructure itself, but the smart devices and smart applications that it connects which make our work easier and our lives better.
The internet started to connect computers (“Internet 2.0”) and more recently smartphones (“Internet 3.0”).
The expression “Internet of Things”, abbreviated as “IoT”, adds an important word to the name: the word “Things”. This word highlights the fact that the internet is now also connecting any sort of object on the planet. This is “Internet 4.0”!
“My favorite example of IoT application is a connected big red button which sends an alarm if you press it. Simple but brings a lot to the customer.”

Bij Internet of Things heeft ieder voordeel een extra voordeel

Voorjaar. Een kaart in de bus!? Het was opnieuw een herinneringskaart van het waterschap om de tellerstanden door te geven. Natuurlijk wilden wij voorkomen dat het voorschot omhoog zou gaan ...
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IoT can improve quality of life

Upgrading an off-line product to an IoT enabled connected version is technically a small step but is a giant leap for businesses. IoT disrupts the traditional business models and inevitably ...
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Do we need the Internet of Things?

My customers often ask me whether IoT is inevitable and whether they should start to IoT. Some of them are skeptic, not to say negative, about connected solutions. Let’s describe ...
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