Do we need 5G?

A report from the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This afternoon the 5G PPP (the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership) has launched its white paper “5G empowering verticals”.
During the event, Mr. Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner, Digital Economy and Society, and executives from global top technology companies, discussed the impact of 5G on digital society and digital economy, as well as requirements from vertical industries, business models, architectures and standardization aspects of 5G.
4G (LTE) has just been rolled-out by most operators in the world, so you might wonder: what is 5G? Do we need 5G?

Our three bullets summary:

5G takes Internet of Things (IoT) needs into account

Applications specific needs and requirements from verticals, such as automotive, energy, healthcare, factory automation and media, have been taken into account from the beginning.
5G will pave the way to the digital transformation based on connected objects.

5G is a network of networks (a “meta” network)

5G will integrate different wireless and fixed network technologies such as cellular, satellite, WiFi, low power, point to point communications, and bring to the end user a seamless connectivity experience – meaning a seamless handover to the best access network – regardless of the device used.
Any Time, Any Where, Any Device.
5G will also merge the worlds of telecom and IT by considering the solution end-to-end instead of only the connectivity part.

5G enables new business models

Through new capabilities such as network virtualization, slicing, end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and security zones, operators will be able to provide more control to the end-user, and to propose customized commercial propositions. Why would you pay the same for an Internet of Things solution requesting mission-critical availability compared to an alarm sent only when things go wrong?

For more detailed information download the full white paper here or contact us.

A description of the event can be found here