"IoT Consultancy with a 360 view"


flipbook-iot-mastering-iot-disruptedThe Internet of Things revolution is happening. As company executive, decision maker, or just an individual trying to understand how IoT could change your life or business, you might feel overwhelmed.

The methods described in this book are not only theory but also practice. They have been tested and fine-tuned in dialog with customers. Develop and apply your 360 view on the Internet of Things:
•    Benefits: discover the opportunities brought by smart objects.
•    Business impact: get insight into the impact of connected services on your business or organization.
•    Security and regulations: realize the challenges posed by those to-be-taken-seriously topics.
•    Connectivity: identify your needs, your options, selection criteria, and make future-proof choices.
•    Technology: get started, be aware of the challenges, the common pitfalls and good practices, and create partnerships.

Flip the book and you will find “Disrupted: When the Internet of Things Takes Over,” an exciting novel that illustrates, in an imaginary way, the impact of smart objects on our lives. Let’s hope this stays fiction!

Are you looking for very concrete methods to start your IoT journey and to prevent common mistakes? This book is for you!

Order your book

This IoT-book is a unique  combination of the managementbook “Mastering the Internet of Things” and the novel “Disrupted: When the Internet of Things Takes over”. Both books can also be ordered separately.

For The Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, the books can be ordered at Managementboek.nl where you can also find a preview.

They are also available worldwide at local book shops and online, for example at Amazon.

Personalized versions (own logo and foreword) are also available. Contact us for further details.

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